25 years among the sheep, a shepherdess story


From the pastures to the plains, to the rhythm of the seasons, I have always had the pleasure of sharing and transmitting the happiness that comes from a profession I practice with passion.

Learned over twenty-five years of experience, I put my skills at your service in the fields of agriculture, pastoralism, herding dog management. For the past seven years, the employees of more than 200 companies have participated under my leadership in the “LeaderSheep” team building activity in partnership with une-bonne-ide.ch.

In a few numbers

Since 2001

The farm

  • 20 hectares of pastures
  • 96 sheep
  • 2 goats
  • 13 donkeys & horses


  • Shepherdess
  • Cheese maker
  • Dog trainer
  • Adult trainer
Since 2013

Team Building

  • ~ 30 workshops / year
  • Renowned companies
  • Satisfied customers
  • 100% laughter 

After obtaining a degree in modern languages in Neuchâtel, my life took a real turn when I decided to complete my training with a apprenticeship as a farmer and a diploma in alpine cheese making from the cantonal school of agriculture in Châteauneuf, in Valais.

Already fond of sheep and cheeses, I set up my own dairy sheep farm and a production room in the canton of Neuchâtel, then on the Vare mountain pasture in the canton of Vaud. I spent 5 years there, busy between milking, making and selling my sheep and goat cheeses.  


The birth of my first boy pushes me to take more accessible and compatible with a real family life alpine pastures. So I give up my cheese factory and devote myself to meat production until 2018 when I return to the plain to put all my energy into the management of my agricultural estate and my team building activity.

Since then, I have made the decision to gradually move my flock out of the traditional system, giving up all production of meat or milk, my sheep becoming full-time collaborators in the management of green spaces and team buildings. Vice-president of the Swiss Society for the Training of Herding Dogs www.ssds.ch, very active in community life for many years, I participate in the organization of working tests and regularly take part in competitions organized in Switzerland and in France. Enthusiastic mother of three boys, mountaineer and farmer since 2001, I have changed the nature of my herd so that I can best reconcile an exciting but demanding job with my family life.

Partnersheep is for me an enriching way to synthesize all my experience and pass it on to anyone who might find it interesting. And for real … I love it!

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