Herding dog


Work with your animals with respect for everyone

Initially reserved for professional breeding circles, the use of herding dogs has gradually gained a wider and wider audience. Because of their motivation and versatility, the shepherd breeds and in particular the border collies have become privileged and efficient partners for all types of dog sports.

Hard work
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Private lessons

Whatever your level and that of your four-legged friend, I welcome you on a secure site for a first evaluation and follow-up of practical lessons.

The 45-minute lessons are based on a positive approach, with respect for animals.


30 CHF

A formula specially tailored to your needs


Training day

For master / dog pairs at the “working test” level, I organize group training days.

Under my supervision for the management of the infrastructures and the sheep, the participants manage their collective training, with a number of registered dogs limited to 4 per half-day.

A meal cooked in a cauldron or a picnic is organized for the lunch break.

1/2 day

40 CHF

Extra for lunch 15.- CHF


60 CHF

Extra for lunch 15.- CHF


Internship with trainer

I offer weeks, weekends or days of internship with qualified trainers from various backgrounds. Keep up to date with scheduled internships on the home page.

Depending on the trainer

Variable rates

Dogs in training

Occasionally, I take a young dog in training to set up education and basic orders relating to working with a flock of sheep. With principles based on a positive approach, I devote every day the time necessary for your young dog to discover at the right stage of his development the skills necessary for his future life as a sheepdog.

In a secure environment and with ewes accustomed to the dog and adapted to his level of skills, your dog benefits from ideal conditions to get to work.

Contact me for more information and to know my availability.

1 week

150 CHF
Included: one hour a week of evaluation with the owner
I had sheep and goats before I had working dogs. Therefore, I know what it means to open a park with a ball in my stomach, knowing that in all probability all my plans will be ruined within a few minutes and that I will find myself as usual running behind my. sheep on the road, shouting to them: “Come back here, I have dry bread!”
Today, many individuals seek to tailor their dog’s activities to the specific needs of their breed. The education of herding dogs and the activities that follow inevitably involve other species of animals that demand to be protected and respected. With this in mind, we must constantly remember that the goals we seek to achieve must tend towards utility and work before sport and leisure.